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Take a seat, begin your journey into the folklore, myths and legends of Britain. Olde chronicles presents you to a world of dragons and mysterious creatures, legendary people and mythical places and so much more across the British Isle. Step inside weary traveller, rest, take off your shoes and explore with us the wonders of Britain….

The Dragon of St Leonards Forest

Long ago, in the land of Sussex, there lived a great dragon. Its claws could slice through rock, and its mouth could engulf a village whole. It dwelled in the local forest, terrorising the nearby villages. It would destroy crops and eat livestock, destroying the local farms and causing famines and plagues. The villagers cried…

The Dragons of Wales

There was once an old Welsh king named Vortigern. He was a great king, always listening to his people and doing what was best for his kingdom. However, his kingdom was unprotected from the pirates who where terrorising the rest of Britain. So, to better protect his people, he decided to built a mighty fortress.…

The Drum of Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake was considered to be the greatest explorer of his time, finding far off lands and distant shores. He plundered Spanish gold ships, bringing back riches and gems to lavish upon queen Elizabeth. Whenever he travelled around the world, however, he always brought one thing. His drum, encrusted with the crest of his…

The Grey Man of Ben MacDhui

During the height of World War 2, a young captain by the name of Alexander Tewnion decided to take a well deserved ten day break hiking in the Cairngorm mountains. He had always admired the beauty of Scotland, and was now prepared for a relaxing, quiet climb of the mountains. He was very much mistaken.…

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Albion, a place of myth and legend

Our mission at Olde Chronicles is to record and bring to life the folklore, legends and myths of Britain. Retelling stories of mythical creatures, mysterious places and legendary people.


The island of Britain once known as ‘Albion’, is a place of legend, of wonder and renowned for storytelling in verse and song.


The chronicles we recount are remarkable and will test our modern view of the world. But if not told they will be forever lost to future generations who will not understand these foundational stories which make up the fabric of the places where we live and visit.

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British folklore

So weary traveller,  while you are with us rest, relax, explore, read and challenge yourself. Do not forget to comment on our chronicles of old Britain’s folklore of myth and legend which you will find in this place…..

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