Jack the Idiot

Long ago, there live a boy called Jack. Jack was extremely dumb, for he did not test his mind in the ways others would. He was a dead weight on his poor old mother, not working nor providing for the family. Soon she grew so tired of his dumbness and tried set him to work.… Continue reading Jack the Idiot

In Search of the Real Merlin

Without question, King Arthur takes the leading role in British Dark Age legend. Using film (movie) world terminology this would make Merlin the supporting actor. However, there is little we know for sure about either person, real or myth. Chronicles of the time have Arthur as a magnanimous leader who gathered and united the military… Continue reading In Search of the Real Merlin

The Drum of Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake was considered to be the greatest explorer of his time, finding far off lands and distant shores. He plundered Spanish gold ships, bringing back riches and gems to lavish upon queen Elizabeth. Whenever he travelled around the world, however, he always brought one thing. His drum, encrusted with the crest of his… Continue reading The Drum of Sir Francis Drake

The Dragon of St Leonards Forest

Long ago, in the land of Sussex, there lived a great dragon. Its claws could slice through rock, and its mouth could engulf a village whole. It dwelled in the local forest, terrorising the nearby villages. It would destroy crops and eat livestock, destroying the local farms and causing famines and plagues. The villagers cried… Continue reading The Dragon of St Leonards Forest

The Dead Men of Burton-on-Trent

The small village of Burton-on-Trent was a quiet place. The community was tight and compacted, and everyone knew each other. So, when one of the members of this community died, almost everyone heard and knew the people. Two men had recently died. They where considered pious, so that earned them a gravestone in the local… Continue reading The Dead Men of Burton-on-Trent