The Grey Man of Ben MacDhui

During the height of World War 2, a young captain by the name of Alexander Tewnion decided to take a well deserved ten day break hiking in the Cairngorm mountains. He had always admired the beauty of Scotland, and was now prepared for a relaxing, quiet climb of the mountains. He was very much mistaken.

On the first night, he set up camp at the foot of the mountain, hoping to start the ascent the next day. When he awoke the next morning, however, he found the mountain shrouded in mist. But the captain brushed this off as seasonal weather, convincing himself that it would clear up in the afternoon. He began to start his hike, walking up the steep fields before the hard rock came in. Everything started of as normal, by noon he had sat on a nearby rock and was eating his food. He had packed himself a corned beef sandwich, made from the leftovers of his army rations. As he munched away happily, he heard a distant noise through the thick fog. He peered into the pearly white clouds, trying to see the source. There was none. Alexander, visibly shaken, wondered what had made the roar-like sound. He soon convinced himself that it was no more than the strong winds at the peak blowing through rocks.

With the entire situation behind him, he marched on, now reaching the first climb. The rest of his ascent went smoothly and untroubled. The thick fog was clearing up, and he was now able to see the Scottish countryside in all its beauty. With no challenge at all, he soon reached the final ascent. It was layered in thick snow.

He began to start his final trek towards the peak. Five minutes into the walk, a thick layer of fog began to engulf the mountain again. This was very odd, as it was past midday, and the air was very hot. And then, even more bizarrely, it began to snow. Thick wisps of snow began to fly past Alexanders ears, as he battled against the raging wind, pushing him away from the summit. That’s when he heard it. An ear splitting, nerve wracking roar.

Alexander was terrified. He whipped out his revolver, turning to see where it had come from. He then heard the crunching of snow behind him, barely audible over the howls and screeches of the wind. He spun around, and there before him stood a giant figure. It was at least three times Alexanders size, and covered head to toe in grey fur. It once again let out a roar, and Alexander fired his revolver, aiming for the beasts heart. The monster didnt stop however. It continued charging. Alexander then felt afraid, more afraid than he ever had in his life, and sprinted down the mountain, never to attempt to climb it again.

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